Been looking for certain video codes, but just can’t seem to find them?
Want to make a PlayList of a bunch of songs to play one after the other?

You have come to the right place! BestAudioCodes.com allows you to choose from over 450,000 songs and create your own custom playlist!

You can even use our special video animations to play on your site, or use your own avi or wmv file to display while your music plays.

We even have the option to have NO player at all, just have the music start playing your selection when someone visits your web page!

How To Use Our Site!
1. Our site uses Javascript and Cookies to remember your settings. This allows you to jump from one menu to the next and it will remember the current artist and song you are looking at.

So for example if you look at the Audio Codes menu and select a song, then click Music CDs, it will remember that you were just looking at that song and display it will display CDs by that artist, same with Posters & Band Links.

2.Generate Codes – We offer options that no other code site allows you to do. Customize the look and feel of your music codes. When you click the Generate Codes button, you will be given the default html codes to use, but you are also given options to change these to better match the layout of your web page.

3.Add To PlayList – Most music codes only play 1 song. Here you can create codes to play a list of songs, one right after the other, Become your own DJ. Just browse the videos and click the Add To PlayList button. This will add the current song to your list. Then when you are ready, click the PlayList link above and it will give you the same options as before but now with a list of songs!

Follow these steps and you should have no troubles at all using our site. If you do have any problems or would just like to contact us, you may do so here Contact Us

For those that use RSS Feeds, click on the RSS link found here to add the top 40 list to your web site!